About Us

2020-03-02 10:32:49 | Posted by General Country_SGA

ASEAN Healthcare Services Website is a web based application which aims to provide the comprehensive information for user public, especially ASEAN Healthcare Professionals related to licensing and registration rules for each of the MRA sub-sectors of medical, dental and nursing.

This information is intended to facilitate movement of ASEAN healthcare professionals in accordance with Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) implementation. Information has been collected on a range of issues related to the requirements for the provision of professional services including:

  • General structure of the sub-sectors and their regulatory frameworks
  • General structure of the Professional Regulatory Authority of each AMS
  • Qualification requirements and procedures of each AMS
  • Registration and licensing requirements and procedures of each AMS
  • Regulations governing entry of persons providing professional services of each AMS
  • List of Recognised Basic and Specialist Qualifications/Institutions (foreign and local) of each AMS
  • Professional ethics of each AMS
  • Contact
  • Basic health and health personnel information of each AMS
  • Medical Dental and Nursing education system of each AMS
  • Health service system of each AMS
  • News and event

In the future, the website could be expanded to include other related projects, such as the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF).