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2020-01-24 10:43:16 | Posted by MRA Super Admin

Yogyakarta Special Region which is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia has a world-wide tourism object even become one of the world's miracle strengthened by the United Nations. This tourist attraction is Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace which is a tourist city in the city of Yogyakarta, Borobudur Temple which is a cultural tourism and Prambanan Temple which is a Hindu Temple. Some natural attractions such as beaches, mountains also exist in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas are easily accessible by the tourists.
Dr. General Hospital Center Sardjito has been designated a National Referral Hospital in the southern part of Yogyakarta and Central Java and has several excellent services offered to tourists visiting Yogyakarta to use it. The number of experts possessed by Dr. Sardjito makes the perfect health tourism service available to customers with the best quality of service.
Overall success rate of tube baby program in Dr. Sardjito is quite high (entering the top 5 for the hospital as a whole as the 2nd place for the government hospital). In addition, Dr. Sardjito was the first hospital in Indonesia to successfully perform the IVF program in the 90s supported by Human Resources, experience and qualified facilities.
In addition to all types of services that are run independently by human resources with productive age, as for health services Tour in Dr. Sardjito is the guarantee of doctors and medical personnel. Upgrade the latest equipment that enables improving the quality of those services and experiences that can be of value in communication with potential customers. Health Service Tour of Dr. Sardjito is done with one stop service and travel arrangement services, destinations and tourist destinations conducted by trusted travel agencies.
Registration of Infertility Clinic of Permata Hati in Building of Integrated Central Surgery I RSUP Dr. Sardjito every Monday - Friday from 07.30 - 13.00 WIB. For more information please contact Permata Hati Infertility Clinic. Sardjito via phone number +62 274 518684 or CP Retno wahyuningtyas +62 81804155137.
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