ASEAN EOC Network, France hold video conference on COVID-19 policies

Judul Artikel

2020-07-03 15:57:40 | Posted by Web Team

The ASEAN Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Network for public health emergencies convened a video conference (VC) with the French government as part of the ASEAN Health Sector Response to COVID-19.

This fifth VC on COVID-19 took place on 30 June, following the previous sessions on public health and clinical management with China, lessons from Italy, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

The conference aimed to facilitate experience, technical, and information exchanges between ASEAN Member States and France. Head of the international coordination at the Health Crisis Response Team of France’s Ministry of Solidarities and Health Antoine Schwoerer presented information on the COVID-19 situation in France and their policies during the containment and recovery phase.

In his explanation, Schwoerer shared France’s epidemiological situation that has declined in recent weeks and entered the third phase of exit strategy after two months of strict containment from March to May.

He also discussed the information technology used by the government to monitor the situation and contact tracing measure named “Stopcovid” mobile application.

He further presented the French government’s objectives in responding to COVID-19 which included increasing resuscitation capacity and limit the pressure on healthcare services, increasing human and material resources in all territories, and transferring patients to less affected regions or neighbouring countries.

The ASEAN EOC Network will arrange subsequent VCs under the leadership of ASEAN health sector through Senior Officials Meeting for Health Development, as its on-going commitment to provide avenue for exchange of expertise, best practice, and updates on COVID-19.