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Medical Practitioner
Law No 29/2014 on Medical Practice law
MoH No. 67/2013 on utilization of foreign health wokers
IMC Regulation No 17/2013 on Temporary Registration
Precident regulation No 20/2018 on Foreign Manpower Utilization
Dental Practitioner
Law No.29/2014 on Medical Practice Law
MoH No.67/2013 on Utilization of Foreign Health Workers
IMC Regulation No.17/2013 on Temporary Registration
Nursing Service
Law No 38/2014 on Nursing
Decision MoH No HK.01.07/MENKES/425/2020 on Standard of Professional Nursing
MoH Regulation No 17/2013 on the change in MoH Regulation No HK.02.02/MENKES/148/I/2010 on Licensing and Implementation of Nursing Practices
Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Regulation No 35/2019 on Functional of Nursing